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Over a three-year period (July 2021—July 2024), the Elevance Health Foundation will invest up to $90 million in partnerships and programs that can demonstrate measurable and positive change in four key areas:

  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Food as Medicine
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Community Resiliency & Disaster Relief


The Elevance Health Foundation is near to fulfilling its current three-year commitment to invest up to $90 million to strengthen our communities and address health inequities across the country. We are now assessing where our funding has most positively affected our focus areas and considering future plans.

Proposals. The grant application for each focus area requests specific information. To respond:

  1. Review the overview for your area of interest (see below).
  2. Download the request for proposal (RFP). It details the information you will be asked to include in the proposal.
  3. Access and complete your grant application by using the “Apply” link. Be sure to note the specific application deadline for your focus area.

Application Schedules. Our next round of funding will be for:

  • Substance Use Disorder. January 2024 (Deadline: 1/31/2024).

Be sure to check back to learn the schedules for additional funding opportunities, including for Maternal and Child Health, Food as Medicine, and Community Resiliency & Disaster Relief.


Anchored by our commitment to improving the health of the socially vulnerable, we are prioritizing partnerships and programs that address racial inequities and health disparities. Our grant ranges are open; we determine funding levels based on several factors, including the need and the plan presented to address it. Generally, our grants last from one to three years.

The Foundation emphasizes programs that specifically work to create equity in maternal healthcare by addressing racial disparities, biases, barriers to care, and health-related social needs. The programs should drive specific, measurable maternal/child health outcomes.

Funding. Please check back for more information on the next funding opportunity/application deadline.

The Foundation emphasizes programs that specifically address health-related social needs, promote equity by reducing the number of food-insecurity individuals, and create access to nutritious foods that help combat chronic conditions.

Funding. Please check back for more information on the next funding opportunity/application deadline.

The Foundation is emphasizing programs that promote equity in mental health, particularly for people with substance use disorders. We are focusing on programs that include prevention, crisis response, and harm-reduction strategies and reduce barriers to trauma-informed approaches.

Locations While proposals from qualified organizations across the U.S. will be considered as resources allow, at this time we’re placing an emphasis on: National programs promoting scalable and sustainable systemic change
Local programs in California, Georgia, Indiana, New York, Ohio, and Virginia that support socially vulnerable populations with relevant interventions

Grant Program Goals

  • Prevention & Early Intervention. Through evidence-based programs, promote protective factors and reduce risk factors that lead to depression and substance use.
  • Treatment. Focus on crisis response and postcrisis and long-term intervention to reduce the impact of mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Community Support & Recovery. Reduce barriers to trauma-informed approaches rooted in equity, and implement harm-reduction strategies to promote lifelong recovery.

Request for Proposal
Download the Substance Use Disorder RFP

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Elevance Health and the Elevance Health Foundation seek to improve the health of humanity and advance equity, strengthening communities even in challenging times. Through strategic initiatives that support community resiliency, we work to reduce the impact of natural disasters before and after they strike.

Funding. Please check back for more information on the next funding opportunity/application deadline.